© Ingrid Wildschut -
Ingrid Wildschut

Tilburtg, The Netherlands

April 2019
Russkaja Mechta G-litter.
father: Filimamont Direct Hit
mother: Russkaja Mechta Surpriz Solntse

Ingrid Wildschut and Jos Dekker put all their spirit, knowlegde, time and love in this session to come out with this splendid photography.

© Ingrid Wildschut -
Russkaja Mechta H-litter.
father: Noxx van de Donauhoeve
mother: Russkaja Mechta Xuscha Xlanse

© Unknown photographer
More information on Whose Name

Russia, St. Petersburg

Februari 2013
It could be someone from Russia. Who tells.
Magnificent photo.

Photographer: Jan Wessel Bakker
Jan is a dutch photographer, she only started 3 years ago. She regularly visits the dog shows because her daughter Lisanne is active in junior handling

This photo was taken during a special show where only the best dogs from the Netherlands were invited to compete in a glamourous way. A real green beautiful lit catewalk in a real theatre was the environment. Here you see a shot of the dobermann competitor Russkaja Mechta Modny Mustang. He was invited because of his victory on the club championship match in 2012.

November 2012

Photographer: Nadjia Timmermans-Kadenko
Nadjia Timmermans-Kadenko is Dobermann kennel Russkaja Mechta.

Netherlands, DVIN Dobermann showt
On this photo we see Helena-Alexandra Timmermans during a dobermann show with RM Mera Madera. It looks the bitch is waiting till Helena is telling what to do. But reality was different. Only one moment after the photo was made Mera for the second time did choose for her freedom and did where she is best in : RUNNING.

Autumn 2004

© Nadjia Timmermans-KadenkoUnknown photographer

Photographer: Unknown
Dog fancier who witnessed the show

International dog show Leiden.

Date: Summer 2012
During the beauty exhibitions of the dobermann you do all you can to show your dog at his utmost. If the handler does all he (or she)can, you sometimes see this athletic and beuatiful poses. This is sport.

© Nadjia Timmermans-Kadenko - Showing your dog is a physical event.

© Nadjia Timmermans-Kadenko. Dogs are allowed on the beach when it is not high season
Nadjia Timmermans-Kadenko

Netherlands, North Sea coast near Scheveningen

Summer 2012
Yes, it is big fun for the dogs to run in the beach sand. Near the water line the sand is strong, but further away, when the sand is more dry, it is hard work and good for the muscles.
In the background you see the femous Scheveningen Pier, a famous tourist attraction stretching in the sea

Natalia Barinskaja


Winter 2009
Natalia is Russian. She is a Photographer and is dealing more than four years with the the creation of dog-sites. Photography is her recent hobby. Some of her works are represented on this site: design.gsdogs.ru and on northdog.ru. Her passion are sledge dogs. Thanks to her presence at the sledgepulling competion, we now can enjoy this example of beautiful photography.
Наталья занимается созданием сайтов (в основном о собаках) уже более четырех лет. Фотография это её недавнее увлечение. На этом сайте представлены некоторые из её работ.
здесь и здесь

© Linda Drenth-Dekker - A sunday morning in autumn. You can really smell it.
Photographer: Linda Drenth-Dekker

The Netherlands
Linda is training with her dog in a typical North-East Holland environment. For the people who know this region , I am sure they will agree That it is almost like being there. A wonderful scene. Linda has her own webpage Linda′s site

Autumn 2009